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This Is It

Cosimo's second album's title and cover have some meaning.  When you drive through the Northwestern Ontario region, you will see lots of signs saying watch for fallen rock... Cosimo named his Motel "Filane's Fallen Rock Motel" and he can be heard telling the patrons upon arrival " THIS IS IT! THE FALLEN ROCK". Thus came the name for his third album.  

Side A
  1. I'm Gonna try it again

  2. Manitoba

  3. Why oh why me

  4. Nobody but you

  5. I'm beginning to think that i love you

  6. I'd do it over again

  7. Bad, Bad Leroy Brown


Side B
  1. The foot

  2. Behind Closed doors

  3. Tie a yellow ribbon

  4. Every little Bird

  5. Save the last dance for me

  6. Walkin' with my baby

  7. Everything's right with the world


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This is It!  

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Small Town Boy This Is It Love Me the Way That I Am I'm Gonna Try It Again Forget About It

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