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Design your own logo       Lettering Styles & Layouts      Custom Logos

Boxing Embroidery...Giving you the opportunity to create your own boxing logos and have them embroidered onto your apparel. The ideal way to personalize your wardrobe! Choose a Boxing Design, Custom Lettering or a colourful combination of both to create your own custom Boxing logo. Gear up your whole team and entourage with apparel from Hollywood FILANE Sportswear.


Boxing Designs 
(Colours can change to whatever colours you want to use to best suit your look)

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filename:sp2749 file:sp4118 (not for caps) filename:01765 filename:01766
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589e.jpg (2046 bytes) 629a.jpg (1808 bytes) SP0856.jpg (2037 bytes)
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We have design for
the female fighers

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Logos with the ** are also available in full front or full back sizes.  (additional charges apply )

Design your own logo.

Chose from one of the boxing stock designs above to create your own personal image by adding the lettering of your choice.

Here's how it works...

  • Select a stock design (eg. boxing glove 19c)
  • Indicate the lettering you want to be added to it. (eg. Hollywood Filane)
  • Select a lettering style *see below* (eg. block)
  • Indicate the lettering layout you want (eg. bridge arch top)*see below
  • Indicate the type and colour of lettering to be used.
  • Select the apparel logo is to go on. eg Hat or Sweater

Check out the variety of apparel that can be Personalized for you and/or your entire team or entourage

Lettering Styles

block.gif (1029 bytes) ath.gif (1703 bytes)
full.gif (915 bytes) romblk.gif (1087 bytes)
2col.gif (3285 bytes) script.gif (532 bytes)
brush.gif (1873 bytes) sport.gif (877 bytes)
diane.gif (1310 bytes) romscr.gif (1347 bytes)

Above are "stock" lettering fonts which are available at no extra charge.  
You can select the style to best suit your purpose.

Lettering Layouts

fxanim.gif (41785 bytes) After deciding what stock design to use, and type of lettering you want now decide how you want the lettering arranged. These are a some of the layouts that are available.

Custom logos

atlasweb.jpg (4844 bytes)

doggweb.jpg (6414 bytes)

If your club has a specific logo and would like to get that embroidered onto the apparel, simply send us a copy of your logo and we will quote you on the one time set - up fee.  onetime.gif (2415 bytes)
Price varies on the size and complexity of your design.


More info on custom logos

We have more lettering Styles available.  Our new embroidery software system allow us to use most True Type fonts found on your computer. 
We have also added an Applique system to allow us to cut and sew letters directly onto your apparel.  Tackle twill letters really give a BOLD look!

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